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Court jurisdiction

The Business Arbitration Court has the right to settle civil and legal disputes between both physical persons and legal entities, regardless of whether they are located within Latvian borders or beyond them.
Any case which is subject to the Civil Law can be settled in the Business Arbitration Court, unless:

  • The court decision might infringe the rights or legal interests of a third party which does not participate in the Arbitration Agreement;
  • One or more of the parties is a federal or municipal entity, or the court decision might infringe the rights of such an entity;
  • The case involves changes in the Civilian Status Register;
  • The case involves rights or legal interests of a person under guardianship or trusteeship;
  • The case involves enforcing, altering or cessation of proprietary interests of a person whose rights to own, manage or rent real estate are restricted by law;
  • The case involves eviction of a person from his/her living quarters;
  • The case is an individual labor dispute between an employer and an employee;
  • The case involves the rights or the obligations of a person deemed insolvent prior to the Arbitration Court decision.
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